Makita LS0714FL Miter Saw Review

This electric saw double radial tilt tab will allow you to double-cut through with the tilting head. Extremely easy to use, this miter saw allows very precise cuts and quality.

Specifications of this miter saw:
  • Power 1300 W.
  • Speed: 5500 rev / min.
  • 24-tooth carbide blade Ø 210 mm.
  • LED lighting.
  • Laser guide.
  • Large cast aluminum table.
  • 2 table extensions and press vise.
  • Runner system Double Bar: for capacity range and precision cutting.
  • Laser guide: for greater visibility of the cutting path.
  • Built-in handler for easy transport.
  • Dust bag.
Warranty: 3 years
Weight: 15.0 kg

(I will have more compound miter saw reviews coming.)

Ryobi 1825 Hg Miter Saw Review


  • Saw tab of the cutting height: 40 mm (ability to hit 0 ° / 0 ° - 70 x 110 mm).
  • It has a large aluminum table for a large security. For safety, the power saw has a soft start device and a safety mode change.
  • Its clamping lever ratchet is easy to handle.
  • With table and frame are made of aluminum, its broad base enables a better fit.
  • Similarly vise clamp the saw Ryobi can keep cutting elements.
  • This saw is equipped with a laser guide and a chip removal.

Dewalt DW712 Miter Saw Review

  • New device controlling the swiveling of the saw head provides a high level of accuracy and constant for settings from 0 to 60 ° to the right, and from 0 to 50 ° to the left.
  • Adjustable stop limiting the lowering of the saw head allows for grooving, notches rabbet.
  • The rear stop sliding and significant height, offers effective support to large parts sections, regardless of the cutting angle.
  • Horizontal sliding bars have increased cutting capacity of the machine.
  • The aluminum base provides good stability and rigidity of the machine, while maintaining it transportable.
  • The pivoting of the saw up to 60 ° to the right allows for the most complex cuts.
  • Levers settings pivot and tilt the saw make quick and easy adjustments.
  • Shaft lock for quick blade changes.

METABO Lasercut - Best Miter Saw Reviews

It’s supplied with 1 saw blade carbide sharpening bevel 40 teeth, 1 clamp and 1 dust collector bag, laser, lamp working tool for blade changes, extensions and integrated rights table left, of fitting suction.

Product Description:
  • Handles work and rubber transport.
  • Built-in light to illuminate the work area.
  • Blade locking system during transport.
  • Laser for precise display for the section.
  • Turntable right and left with precise adjustment of the angle to 47 °.
  • Low weight for easy transportation.
  • Laser to accurately display the line of cut.
  • cast aluminum worktable.
  • Blade lock for easy change.
  • Depth adjustment.
  • Extensions integrated side table.
  • Stops moving back for good support parts.
Specifications of this miter saw:
  • Power: 1350 W.
  • Saw blade Ø 216 x 30 mm.
  • Cutting width 90 ° / 45 °: 120/83 mm.
  • Cutting height 90 ° / 45 ° 60/42 mm.
  • Platform Adjustment: 2 x 47 °.
  • Saw head adjustment: 45 ° left.
  • Speed: 5000 rev / min.
  • Machine dimensions: W 480 x D 543 x H 325 mm.
  • Table dimensions: 700 x 170 mm.
Warranty: 1 year *
Restrictions on use: Port helmet, goggles, mask and gloves required. Keep out of the reach of children.
Weight: 12.0 kg

Metabo KGS 216 M - Best Miter Saw Review

Key Features

  • Radial function for large parts
  • Workable for sawing wood, coated panels and plastics
  • Slip rubber coating on the side handle and top handle
  • Side handles transportation
  • Transport safety and spooling
  • Rotary table with precise adjustment of the angle
  • Aluminum Die-Cast Table worktable
  • The Metabo Miter Saw Laser is for exact output of the section
  • Lateral table extension stretch continuously on both sides, with a convenient support surface and a stop integrated cutting
  • Lamp integrated work
  • Cutting depth adjustment built into the miter saw KGS 216 M
  • System for locking the saw blade to easily replace the
  • All graduations are visible on the radial arm saw since the working position
  • Sawdust collection bag to maintain the cleanliness of the air in the workplace
  • Carbide saw blade sharpening alternately bevel (40 teeth)
  • 2 side extensions integrated table
  • Guides high centering and laterally adjustable
  • Fastener parts
  • Tool for changing the blade
  • Suction adapter 0910059955
  • Sawdust collection bag
  • laser
Most of the product
  • Traction function
  • Real integrated table extensions
  • Rubberized handles transport